Genesis - Seconds Out (Atlantic US | October 1977)

Taken from The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock, here is an Album of the Week to enjoy and discuss.
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Genesis - Seconds Out (Atlantic US | October 1977)

Post by webmaster » Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:15 am

The double bank of Boeing 747 landing lights provides the cover image for Genesis' second live album, while the four sides of vinyl supply the sound. And whereas Genesis with Peter Gabriel had the frontman of all frontmen, Genesis without Gabriel had lights, smoke, mirrors and two drummers! Yet whatever was happening on stage, the music was still the foremost attraction; and that, of course, was the band's key to success. In concert, Genesis was nothing but impressive, and the double-album Seconds Out certainly attests. Tracks such as "Cinema Show," "Firth of Fifth" and "Squonk" truly become larger than life with the band's widescreen presentation; after all, this is what progressive rock was all about. Critics may charge the performances as overly orchestrated or too sterile, but that's Genesis live: an exceptional performance every time. Even "Supper's Ready," a veritable classic from a bygone era, gets new life here; freed from its original quirky studio production, the precise execution of the live version now becomes the definitive edition. Drummer Chester Thompson, previously with Frank Zappa's Mothers and most recently a member of Weather Report, had taken the call to replace the always-temporary Bill Bruford. Although confined to the live band, Thompson would spend decades in this role. Guitarist Steve Hackett, however, would depart the band during the album's mixing. His frustrations that first surfaced during the Wind & Wuthering sessions would find resolve with his successful transition to a solo career. This, of course, left Genesis as a trio. As most live albums in 1976-77 marked a transition point in many bands' careers, Genesis too would move on to new horizons.

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Genesis Seconds Out Atlantic US October 1977

Post by Michaelapela » Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:05 am

Genesis back in the day may have been one of the first bands to go big with lighting. Yes also did this. Pink Floyd took it over the top though. Now it's all about the flash and stage props and such in the pop world.

Gabriel also always has a big stage show when he tours, but then he was the Genesis showman dressing up in silly costumes and acting out the songs. Never saw him with the band either. I first saw them on the Wind and Wuthering tour.

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